Good Fig- Bad Fig Lariat Necklace

Fine Silver Fig Leaves, Rainbow Moonstones and Black Tourmaline Beads

I learned in Bible study about the kings of Israel, about Jeremiah’s vision of the basket of good figs and the basket of bad figs. The LORD asked Jeremiah , “What do you see?”. ” Very good ripe figs and very bad, rotten figs.” was Jeremiah’s reply.

My inspiration was the image of good figs, those who God will give a heart to know Him, and of bad figs who will not have a heart to obey what God speaks.

The fulfillment of God’s promise to set His eyes on them for good and to bring them back from captivity is represented by the white Moonstone beads and polished Fine Silver Fig Leaf.

The fulfillment of God’s abandonment of the people who chose to stay in Jerusalem and the one’s who chose to dwell in Egypt is represented by the black Tourmaline beads and darkened Fine Silver Fig leaf.

The visual contrast between the elements in this Lariat necklace can give an opportunity to tell the story.