Would like to share my thoughts on this personal testimony pendant. Got up at 2 a.m. to jot down what this piece means to me when I wear it.

I turned around to look for who God is. I call that repentance, when my focus changed from living by my self- will, to learn the will of God for my life.

That was 47 years ago when God graciously turned my thoughts to know His thoughts.

You may ask, how can I understand the will of God for my life? I would answer, by saying, “Get into reading the WORD of God on a consistent basis.” Read until you have a question or the scripture begins to speak to you. If you are serious about following what God reveals, answers will come.

Set your intention to know what God has said and do what God has said.

The miracle for today is that God set in motion the revelation of His will thousands of years ago.

My Broken Life Redeemed is a one of a kind Fine Silver and broken Porcelain pendant. The porcelain image reminds me that I have been bought with a price so costly. By trusting in the shed blood of Jesus I have become a daughter of Father God. This piece is an ornament of adornment and a shield over my mind.