Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Average time is about 4 weeks. Having an email exchange of ideas and settling on a design gets you on the list.

How much does it cost?
Since each piece I create involves size and complexity using Fine Silver clay, and other elements, there is no standard price. I will provide you with a sketch and explanation of the process with a firm price and time frame. A 50% deposit is required to begin work with the balance due on completion and to include shipping and insurance.
Is each piece One of A Kind?

Yes. Your visual testimony is unique to your experience of living before the face of God.
Yes. The process of kiln firing the piece means there will be only one just like yours.

What is PMC?
Precious Metal Clay consists of three ingredients Microscopic particles, like flakes, of silver which comprise most of the clay. An organic binder and water giving the consistency of modeling clay. The lump of PMC can be worked with the fingers and varied tools to give texture and shape for my designs. After air drying the piece is placed in a jewelry kiln and fired to a prescribed temperature to cause the clay to sinter. The firing process called sintering burns away the binder and water leaving a Fine Silver design that is 99.9% pure.
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