To begin the design element I needed to create a mold from baked polymer clay. The design was then transferred by impressing it into a rolled out strip of metal clay. Next step is important as I join the strip to form the ring to a specific size. When the surface is becoming leather hard I add details to enhance that first impression. In this step this ring becomes One of a Kind and was signed inside the band. Kiln – firing of the ring, polishing, and adding a colorful patina complete my process.

Testimonial from Gwen Luttrell
The Hummingbird ring has a special meaning to my family. When I saw the beautiful silver rings that Carol was making, I commissioned her to make a hummingbird ring for my daughter’s birthday. The ring turned out just as I wanted. My daughter cherishes it. The ring along with our family story will be passed on to my granddaughter. Thank you, Carol.