The Hummingbird has a special meaning to my family. When I saw the beautiful silver rings that Carol was making, I commissioned her to make a hummingbird ring for my daughter’s birthday. The ring turned out just as I wanted. My daughter cherishes it. The ring along with our family story will be passed on to my granddaughter.

Thank you, Carol.

–  Gwen Luttrell

“ We waited 45 years to have matching rings. The rings were worth the wait!”

Sharon Williams

“Your Cross pendant I purchased was so special and so well done. It will be a family heirloom. Thank you, Carol.”

– Lori

I asked Carol to create a ring one-of-a-kind because I trusted the intent of her heart … that she believed and valued the sentiment and belief behind my unique request. As an artist, I do not use the word, “inspire” lightly. Carol’s commitment to not only create unique spirit-inspired works of metal goes farther than most artist’s creeds. She commits to forgo opportunity and, like the sunflower, “turn her face” towards works with greater meaning than the sum of silver and fine stones. She creates in response to the heart of God. I believe in the power of blessings. How could I have a work of art hand-crafted by someone who does not believe?

– Christi Ziebarth