As a young child I was given a Silver bangle bracelet and  a gold Heart Locket that I loved to wear. As a teen I learned to draw and paint. My High School Art teacher encouraged my intricate designs could become jewelry. I pursued Art at Florida State and Appalachian University  and graduated with a Constructive Design Degree. While living in Boone, NC I became interested in Southern Highlands Craftsmen’s Guild and learned about natural dyes for fiber, ceramic techniques, Lost Wax casting and jewelry fabrication.

After graduation I taught Art in public school, traveled to Europe visiting Art galleries in several countries. On returning I was married in Memphis Tn to my college sweetheart. Soon life required learning skills as a wife, mother and homemaker. My husband and I have been blessed with three children that each have creative outlets. 

After our third child started school, I began a refresher jewelry course at Bill Endicott Jeweler’s and soon after enrolled in Precious Metal Clay Workshop’s at Univ. of Memphis. Around this time I was diagnosed  with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a soft tissue disease that affects muscles, ligaments and tendons. I continued Metal Clay classes, enrolled in Certification classes and began offering Jewelry Making at two Junior College Continuing Educ. program’s. 

I was creating Metal Clay class samples to show students the possibilities of the material during those years . So eventually I needed to pursue selling my jewelry designs.